Ingrid P.

Ingrid Pitt

4 Responses to “Ingrid P.”

  1. Ingrid Pitt was a beautiful woman and great actress, but she was NOT German, you ignorant creature. She was Polish and in fact, spent most of her childhood in a German concentration camp.
    Unless you consider that makes one German…

  2. Hermann Observer Says:

    Actually, she had a German father, but I guess you were ignorant of that. Ironic, isn’t it? Whatever. She sure was beautiful, though.

    • “Pitt was born Ingoushka Petrov in Warsaw, Poland to a German father ***of Russian descent*** and a Polish Jewish mother” (wikipedia, *** mine)

      How does that make Pitt a German?

      • beautifulgerman Says:

        Where I come from it’s more about a piece of paper. “A German father” would imply that the father had German citizenship, for instance. I’m not terribly interested in “race” here, believe it or not (I doubt if Hadnet T. is “German” either, for instance), so if having “a German father” is not enough of a connection to Germany for you, I understand that completely and that’s fine with me.

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