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Smashwords End of Year Sale!

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Sale Dates: Dec. 25 – Jan. 1.

Brain Quest


Is That All You Could Find?

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501 German oddities?


I know, I know. There are way more than that. Just consider these 501 oddities to be, you know, Oddities 101 or something.

“Hermann, thank you for your blog and books, I am hooked. I recently picked up 501 German Oddities and couldn’t stop laughing. I am German, but live in Boston with my husband, who is from the area and grew up here. We cracked up so many times and just had a blast reading your book. It was actually eye opening at times to the both of us and explained some “odd” behaviors of mine to him. Super grateful for the book and can’t wait to see more blog entries. All the best, Marina.”

Limited time ebook offer or something, folks. Also available at Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, etc.

My German Is More Dumber Than Your German Is

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It’s 99 cent blowout ebook sale time again! Like how outrageous is that?


Dumb Deutsch: Absurd German Language Errors (auch für deutsche Leser geeignet)

Also available at iTunes, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, etc. For a limited time only or something.*










“Very funny book, relating dumb things people say while trying out their high school German. Laughing so hard at my normally quiet workplace I had tears in my eyes, my boss walked by and asked if I was OK. Oh yeah! She has a great sense of humor with an eye toward languages. Buy this book and laugh yourself silly!”

Kilgore Trout

* I’d give this ebook away for free but then you wouldn’t read it and that would be irresponsible so I won’t.

Why didn’t Fidel Castro ever make it in professional baseball?

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Buy this ebook and find out.


The Little Red Book: Of Little-Read Jokes about the Enlightened Left for only 99 cents? No way. Or way?

Also available at Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, etc. Enjoy!