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More Free Ebooks?

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For your Corona lockdown reading enjoyment? You bet.Brain Quest
















Enjoy all four of them. Offer good through May 31.

Whaddya Mean 501 German Oddities For Only 99 Cents?

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Why that’s almost 5.060606060606061 oddities per penny!


What a steal.

Just ask Marina. If you happen to know her, I mean:

“Hermann, thank you for your blog and books, I am hooked. I recently picked up 501 German Oddities and couldn’t stop laughing. I am German, but live in Boston with my husband, who is from the area and grew up here. We cracked up so many times and just had a blast reading your book. It was actually eye opening at times to the both of us and explained some “odd” behaviors of mine to him. Super grateful for the book and can’t wait to see more blog entries. All the best, Marina.”

Limited time offer or something.

PS: Also available at Smashwords, iTunes, etc.